Dear Customers,

The website gdonline.pl is not a sales platform.

It is used both for the promotion of warehouses located in GD Poland Wholesale Centre in Wólka Kosowska and to inform what products one can buy in our Centre.

The questions regarding the detailed offer, goods prices and the possibility of shipment should be aimed directly at the wholesaler which assortment you are interested in.

On the page you can view information about wholesalers, i.e. their location and contact information,

which are available under the ⇒ "MANUFACTURERS" tab.


1. What time is GD Poland Wholesale Centre in Wólka Kooswska opened?

Our Centre is opened from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 16:00 and on Saturdays from 8:00 to 14:00.

2. Why aren't there the goods prices on the website gdonline.pl?

The prices are not displayed on our website because you cannot purchase the goods on it.

3. What assortments can I find in GD Poland Wholesale Centre in Wólka Kosowska?

The assortment in our Centre is very diversified. The goods can be found in our bookmark "Categories" or by using the command SEARCH 🔎

4. How can I find the particular wholesaler and its contact details?

In order to find the particular wholesaler go to the bookmark ⇒ "Manufacturers".
After clicking on the particular wholesaler, its contact details will be displayed together with the goods offered by it.

5. How to order the chosen goods in the wholesaler?

To place orders for some goods one should contact directly with the wholesaler. Contact details will be displayed after clicking the wholesaler's LOGO (on the right side)

6. Is it possible to send the ordered goods abroad?

Most of our wholesalers send their ordered goods abroad. You can ask the seller about such a possibility when you make an order.

7. Can I retail in wholesalers?

Our wholesalers sell only wholesale. It depends on the type of the goods that they are packed in 12,24,36 or more pieces.

8. What is the minimum amount of the order in the wholesalers?

Every wholesaler has their own individual, minimal order value threshold.

9. Can I pay in the wholesalers by credit card or in foreign currency, for example EURO?

One should ask directly the wholesaler whether they accept such payment methods.